Contingency Fund

The Senate Contingency Fund is the pool of money that is allocated for event expenses for student organizations.You must be an ASUC sponsored student group to receive funding from the Senate. Student groups can apply for up to $1,500 for events, by filling out a line-item budget that can be found here: Instructions for Line-Item Budgets

There are three types of student groups that are eligible for funding:

1st year Student Activity Groups: $150

1st year Student Initiated Service Groups: $250

1st year Publications: $400

Once you have filled out a detailed line item budget, please contact me, or any senator, to write a bill for your organization. Your bill must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date or it will classify as retroactive funding, which the Senate does not do. Whether you are seeking ASUC sponsorship, funding for operational expenses, or event funding, the bill will then we sent to the Finance Committee. You must be present at the Finance Committee to speak on behalf of your bill and tell the committee about your organization, or your bill will be tabled.

Once your bill is passed through the Finance Committee, it will be passed through the Senate Consent Calender on Wednesday night at the Senate meeting, and from there it will be processed by the LEAD Center for disbursement to your student group.



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