Sponsorship Requirements

Outlined below are the requirements that your student group must fulfill to be able to apply for ASUC sponsorship–

Criteria for Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.6 of ASUC By-Laws)

  • Supplements or enhances academic preparation or development.
  • Promotes or recognizes academic performance.
  • Promotes an awareness and understanding of the ideas, customs, arts, languages, and social contributions of specific cultures.
  • Promotes or sponsors community service
  • Promotes discussion or debate of public issues from a variety of perspectives or viewpoints
  • Develops personal, professional or career-related skills
  • Provides recreational or social activities for students
  • Allows students the freedom to choose and develop their own individual religious, ideological, and political beliefs
  • Provides an opportunity for students to express their opinions, beliefs, and ideologies through the print medium
  • Provides a forum for the expression of self, as a connection to a broader society, for the transference of knowledge gained, and as a conduit for new knowledge.
  • Actions of the group do not jeopardize ASUC’s non-profit status.

Benefits of Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.3 of ASUC By-Laws)

  • Use the name of the ASUC (in a manner consistent with these and other By-Laws and policies)
  • Apply for funding from the Senate Contingency Fund
  • Apply for office space in Eshleman as outlined in other By-Laws
  • Apply for a fee-waiver for the usage of MLK Student Union rooms (including  Pauley Ballroom)

Requirements of Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.4 of ASUC By-Laws)

  • Groups must display the words “Sponsored by the ASUC” or “ASUC” on all flyers or advertising for events
  • Groups must indicate the degree of wheelchair accessibility at events described by flyer or advertising
  • Groups must provide an internet link on the group’s homepage back to the official ASUC website at http://www.asuc.org if the group possesses a homepage
  • Groups must display their organizations name and/or contact information (ie. Email addresses, phone numbers, office numbers, etc.) on all flyers and advertisements

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