Op-Ed on the Proposed Tuition Freeze for 2014-2015

Sadia recently wrote an op-ed for the Daily Californian on her thoughts on the tuition freeze for 2014-2015 proposed by UC President Napolitano.

“While another year of frozen tuition seems like a win-win, the existence of our return-to-aid system creates a trade-off between access for underrepresented communities and families that can more easily afford a UC education. The return-to-aid system ties financial aid dollars to tuition; one third of tuition dollars go back into the system to serve as financial aid for low-income students. This means that if tuition does not increase, neither does financial aid. The good news is that low-income students pay no tuition regardless of increases, but the same cannot be said for all students. At a time when the UC system should be expanding its resources to ensure that all students have adequate resources to attend, the return-to-aid system remains a barrier to this vision.”